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portraitAdrienne Quintana is the author of Eruption, Reclamation, and High Sierra as well as several children’s books. When she isn’t writing, Adrienne enjoys running, hiking, and matchmaking (Are you single? She probably knows someone perfect for you.) She lives in Arizona with her husband and four children, who give her love, support, and plenty of good material for Instagram.


Anabella and Sofia.jpgAnabella and Sofia Schofield are sixteen-year-old twin sisters and best friends. When asked in preschool what they wanted to be when they grew up, both responded, “A ladybug!” Their goals have changed, but they’re happy to be writing about a ladybug now!  Ladybug’s Garden began as a project the authors wrote and illustrated at age thirteen. In their spare time, Anabella and Sofia enjoy reading, writing, watching movies, photography, music, and art.


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Yvette Cragun is the third of nine children. Growing up in a big family, life was always an adventure. Yvette started devouring books at a young age and still truly enjoys getting lost in fictitious worlds. She started writing stories in 2011 with encouragement from her husband, big sister and mother-in-law. Her six children are her inspiration and her greatest blessing.


Isabella Murphy lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her family and two dogs. In addition to writing, Isabella loves sports, music, singing and dancing. She looks forward to writing more books that bring joy to her readers.




9DS_9035-2 - Edited (1)Joy Heyer lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and three of her four crazy children. Her oldest child is married and now has a child of her own making Joy a Grandma. In a moment of weakness she agreed to get a dog and now has a furry shadow that follows her wherever he is allowed.  In her spare time….wait what spare time? Whenever her children and dog permit she loves to read, write, draw, run, and sew.



Kelli Call grew up in the middle of nowhere Kansas where she passed the time by reading books and making up stories. As an adult, not much has changed. Although she no longer lives in Kansas, you can almost always find her reading a book or writing one.

She graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho with a Bachelor’s in Marriage and Family Studies and a minor in English.

She is a wife and a mother of three children, two of whom have Sensory Processing Disorder.

IMG-0366Debbie Wosnik is an author and a retired educator. She used Oiseau in her classroom for 34 years as a substitute teacher, elementary teacher, elementary school counselor, district gifted coordinator, and even as a junior high counselor. Oiseau, however, is not retired. He is excited to help kids for years to come. Debbie delights in watching her five grown children be a force for good in the world.  She loves telling her grandchildren stories.

MWHeadBW Michelle Wilson lives in the Northwest with her family, three indoor dogs, and a totally stuck-up cat. And somehow, they all get along. She writes inspirational nonfiction and women’s fiction. Olive is her first children’s book and the most fun to write. Olive came to life in a poem Michelle wrote for her adoptive daughter as a way to express unconditional love for her. Family, faith, and fun are important to Michelle. She loves watching movies, playing Guitar Hero, and taking long walks to the fridge.

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Lorraine Tosiello read Alcott’s Little Women in the first grade—and re-read it again and again throughout most of her childhood.  The book equipped her to set off on a journey of motherhood, traveling, rabble-rousing and work as a physician devoted to medical education and primary care medicine. Rereading Little Women in later adulthood rekindled her Alcott enthusiasm, and years of happy study resulted in her first novel, Only Gossip Prospers. She lives with her husband in midtown Manhattan and at the New Jersey shore.

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