Flat rate services

Full picture book edit ($350)

Just because picture books are short doesn’t mean they don’t need careful editing – quite the opposite. We’d love to help make sure every page is error free and engaging. We’ll go through several editing rounds, giving you big picture feedback, line-by-line suggestions, and a final proofread.

Manuscript consultation (first 50 pages – $200)

The beginning pages of your manuscript are monumentally important. Let us read and evaluate your first 50 pages. We will consult with you on setting, story, and character development as well as the overall style and tone of the story. We can also advise you on next steps, including publishing options.

Additional services

To get started, send your word count and the service(s) you’re interested in to marnaekelley@gmail.com for a free quote.

Developmental editing ($5/per page)

Developmental editing has reference to the craft of storytelling (basics like plot development, character arc, etc.) and assists with the overall structure and content of a work. This is “big picture” editing.

Line editing ($4/per page)

Line editing offers more depth and examines aspects like the clarity, style, and tone of a work at the sentence and paragraph level. This level of editing deals primarily with language and syntax.

Copy editing ($3/per page)

Copy editing is highly technical and reviews issues in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Proofreading ($2/per page)

Proofreading is generally the last pass of a manuscript that has already been heavily edited and is ready for publication. It compares the proof copy with the edited version and checks for consistency.

Our rates are based on industry standards, but we are willing to negotiate to meet the needs of your budget. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

We’d love to discuss all of your publishing needs in a free consultation!

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