Our Illustrators


Shalece Fiack has loved painting and drawing since her childhood. She is the illustrator for the Rat Tuesday series and an acrylic painter. In 2015, Shalece completed 100 paintings in 100 days. Shalece continues to paint soft, colorful pieces in her home studio in Orono, Maine, where she lives with her family.




Alex Smith lives in Litchfield Park, Arizona, with her parents, sister, and two pet rats. She works as a mixed media studio artist and is so excited to have illustrated her first children’s book (this very one!). If you give her a big, empty box, she will most likely paint on it. Her work can be seen on Facebook at Illuminations: Alex Smith.



tonyphamTony Pham is a local artist in Arizona with skills ranging from traditional art involving pencils, pens and markers to digital  3D and 2D art. He usually works on his laptop with his Cintiq as his main tool for doing 3D models, and digital illustrations for either concepts, landscape or character designs. When he’s out and about, going from one place to another he bring his sketchbooks along to draw whatever he sees in his surrounding or what may pop up in his many endless thoughts. One way or another, he’s always creating something no matter where he go. To view Tony’s portfolio click here.


Ashley Berensen is a watercolorist from Juneau, Alaska. She graduated in 2019 with a BFA in illustration from BYU-Idaho. After graduation, Ashley spent a year teaching at that same university while illustrating her first book. Now she works full time as a freelance illustrator, living in Idaho with her husband and two goldfish.  To view Ashley’s portfolio click here.

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