Author Interview: Yvette Cragun

Meet Yvette Cragun, mother of six and author of The Box and Isabella’s Pink Umbrella.

Adrienne Quintana

img_2007 Yvette Cragun

 As part of the blog tour for The Box, I’d like to introduce you to the author, Yvette Cragun. Yvette is my oldest and dearest friend.  She’s also my sister. Separated by only two years in age, we spent nearly every day playing together while we were growing up. We stomped down the willows behind our house to make a fort. We filled paint buckets with weeds and rocks to feed our dolls. We pushed the furniture in our bedroom  around to make a maze, covered everything with blankets and played “dark tag.” And every day, without fail, we played Barbies together.

I’m not really sure that Yvette loved playing Barbies as much as I did. I don’t know how she could have, since I was always bossing her around–telling her what to have her Barbies say and do. But she always played with me. Day after day.

Yvette was…

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