Coming Soon: The Colorblind Series, by RC Hancock


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Pink Umbrella Books is excited to announce the upcoming re-release of RC Hancock’s debut novel, An Uncommon Blue. 

Hancock’s acclaimed story about a society in which social class is determined by the color of the light in a person’s palm teaches timeless lessons about accepting others despite differences and gaining true self-worth through heroic acts of unselfishness.

Originally branded as Young Adult Dystopian, An Uncommon Blue is undergoing a slight transformation with Pink Umbrella Books, gearing it more toward Middle Grade Fantasy readers. Foreword Reviews called An Uncommon Blue “a thrilling blend of fantasy and adventure perfect for readers everywhere.” The White Serpent, book two in the Colorblind Series, continues the adventure with humor, action, and surprises that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

RC Hancock Photo Credit: Mara Forciea

RC Hancock lives with his wife and five children in Philadelphia. He has a degree from Brigham Young University in Recreational Management & Youth Leadership (which gives him license to act like a child). An accomplished musician, RC arranges and performs religious music for children, which he posts on his YouTube channel under the heading “Bored Primary Pianist”. In his spare time, he works for American Airlines.

Cover art by Pink Umbrella illustrator Tony Pham.





3 responses to “Coming Soon: The Colorblind Series, by RC Hancock”

  1. So excited!!! Love that cover.


  2. Awesome – excited to read the “new” release!


    1. Wait until you see the new content. Mind blown.


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