Did you write a book in quarantine? Let’s talk.


Like it or not, the pandemic forced us to shift gears. Maybe you baked every banana bread on your Pinterest board. Maybe you Zoomed (with or without pants). Maybe you curated a choice selection of virus memes. But maybe you wrote. A lot.

And if that 1,000-word pipe dream has taken off and become a full-fledged manuscript, Pink Umbrella is here to help.

Ready to get published? Let’s make an editing deal. Our editors would love to coach you as you move into the next step of the process.

For a limited time, $100 will get you one of the following three packages (based on your needs):

  1. 10-page developmental edit with a 30-minute Zoom consultation
  2. Pitch & first page edit with a 15-minute Zoom consultation
  3. Children’s book edit with a 15-minute Zoom consultation

Contact us to get started!

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